Next Show 9/22/19

Jon Crowley -Trumpet

Ethan Helm- Alto Sax

TBA- Tenor Trombone

Owen Caprell- Bass Trombone

Brandon Moodie - Tuba

Noah Berman - Guitar

Noah Garabedian - Bass

Jay Sawyer- Drums






Show Annoucement: 8/21/2018

  • Jon Crowley- Trumpet
  • Ethan Helm- Alto Sax
  • Sam Blakeslee- Trombone
  • Owen Caprell- Bass Trombone
  • Jen Hinkle- Tuba
  • TBA- Piano
  • Noah Garabedian- Bass
  • Jay Sawyer Drums


July 2018:

"Holding On / Letting Go" is now out today on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify!


  • Jon Crowley - Trumpet
  • John Beaty - Alto Saxophone 
  • Aldan Banta- Baritone Saxophone
  • Owen Caprell - Bass Trombone
  • Brad Whiteley - Piano
  • Julian Smith- Upright Bass
  • Dan Pugach- Drums


Reviews of "I Walk Amongst The Humans"(Destiny Records 2016)

"Crowley is an insightful player and composer who is all about textures here, as well as on his prior fine efforts. His playing and compositional approaches are thoughtful, intelligent and avoid pseudo-intellectualism. Both his pen and horn spin subtle images across the session. [...] Crowley's horn is warm, lush, vibratoless, sincere and wholesome. It's a vocal approach, more introspective and evocative than egoistic and intimidating"

"The way that a sunbeam paints a thick streak of light across the room, with a sharp, controlled explosion upon the window pane and unfurling a blanket of warmth across the floor, that’s how trumpeter Jon Crowley paints melodies upon the surface of songs.  It has the presence of something tangible, something that can be grasped and bottled up, and it has the same power to captivate and lock in place both time and tranquility like that thick afternoon sunbeam blanketing the room in serenity.  It’s a talent that Crowley continues to display on his newest release I Walk Amongst the Humans."

Listen and Purchase the album here on Destiny Records Website

4/1/16: Back in the studio, beginning work on the next Album.


'I Walk Amongst The Humans' CD Release show @ Rockwood Music Hall(stage 2), NYC Sun Feb 28th 7:00

Jon Crowley's next album 'I walk Amongst The Humans' will be released on Destiny Records on March 11th 2016

Jon Crowley appears on 3 tracks on Michael Eaton's new Record 'Individuation', Now available on iTunes, etc


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